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SibEnzyme US, LLC offers highest quality enzymes and molecular biology research related products developed by our globally established parent company - SibEnzyme Ltd.

SibEnzyme US, LLC was established in 2006 with a primary focus of accommodating the growing international demand for unique products and services developed by SibEnzyme Ltd.  We currently carry many various types of enzymes, including new and unique 5mc-dependent site-specific DNA endonucleases used in epigenetic studies.  

SibEnzyme US, LLC collaborates with a team of scientists with many years of experience working in the fields of Molecular Biology and Enzymology.  Our professionals are always available for a detailed consultation regarding any of our products.  

Our services extend throughout United States, Canada and Mexico. Please see our Products listing for purchasing details .Most of our products are available for delivery within 2 days.  Maximum of a 2 week waiting period will apply when requested product is not in stock and has to be special ordered. 

SibEnzyme US LLC, 2 Franclaire Drive, West Roxbury, MA 02132, USA
Tel: 781-915-7170 Fax: 617-553-0856 e-mail: