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Restriction Enzymes - Endonucleases

SibEnzyme US, LLC is delighted to offer new, site-specific endonucleases Bls I, Gla I, Glu I and Mal I

These enzymes belong to a new type of 5mC site-specific DNA endonucleases discovered and characterized at SibEnzyme. Bls I, Gla I and Glu I recognize and cleave only the DNA sequences with two and more 5-methylcytosines and do not cleave unmethylated DNA. These enzymes may be used for epigenetic studies and are available exclusively at SibEnzyme.

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Enzyme Prototype Recognition Sequence
Cat.No. Package, u.a. Price* in USD
Bls Imore info Bls I G(5mC)N^GC
E533 100 140.00
E534 500 560.00
Gla Imore info Gla I G(5mC)^G(5mC)
E493 100 150.00
E494 500 600.00
Glu Imore info Glu I (5mC)G(5mC)^NG(5mC)G
E519 100 140.00
E520 500 560.00
Mal I Dpn I G(mA)^TC
E489 50 7.50
E490 250 30.00

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

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